Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care N.A. is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of a variety of dialysis products and equipment. At their 320-acre Ogden, Utah facility, LWE contributes to the design, construction and maintenance of their 46,000/12,470-volt 22-megawatt redundant feed substation, along with duct bank and HVL switchgear for 12,470/480-volt transformers and secondary feeds to (more than 20) 2000/3000-amp 480-volt main switchgear sections.

LWE also provides Class 3 and 4 clean room applications of electrical distribution systems for FMC's dialyzer fiber spinning lines, assembly lines, and injection molding facilities, including electrical distribution, control panel design and installation, robotic material feed systems, temperature control systems, fire and security alarms, and interlock of mechanical and alarm controls systems.

FMC's Rectification and Reclamation Systems operate heavy industrial electrical applications requiring the design and installation of extensive conduit and cable tray systems for its Class 1 Division 2 applications with complex controls. The systems also include an extensive temperature heat tape system as well as lightning protection for multiple cooling towers.

LWE has installed multiple 400,000-watt filtered backup power systems synchronized within a 2.4-million-watt power generation system.

LWE's work at FMC is ongoing. The facility is currently expanding to meet the rapidly growing demand for kidney dialysis products. LWE is enlarging the electrical systems at the facility as part of FMC's building expansion. LWE also provides an on-site electrical maintenance crew to meet the electrical needs of FMC.

Hill Air Force Base - Building 1575

Building 1575 is a 5-story office building with basement and penthouse. The facility will provide office space for Northrop Grumman's contracting work with the U.S. Air Force. LWE installed a 3,000-amp electrical service, facility lighting, fire alarm systems, and communication & security raceways throughout the building. LWE provided UPS systems and an 800KW generator for backup power supply.

LWE installed all site lighting, including bollards, parking lot poles and lamps, and landscape lighting LWE finished all office area locations and wired and connected all lighting, convenience outlets and other office electrical devices and furniture.

This facility is state of the art and includes a Video Conference theater, high end security system, mass notification fire alarm system, and very high end finishes. This building is the cornerstone of a high-profile government building complex built as part of a large upgrade to Hill Air force Base.

Hershey’s Corporation - Ogden Distribution Center

The Hershey Company's 527,000 square-foot distribution center at Business Depot Ogden stores and distributes Hershey candies and syrup products throughout the western United States. This facility is the major distribution hub for their products in this part of the country and sees almost all Hershey's product sold in the area. The facility includes roughly 12 Acres of warehouse for Hershey products with an attached office area.

LWE installed all electrical systems for Hershey's facility, including site lighting poles and wallpacks, office and warehouse lighting, power distribution electrical panels, switchgear and extensive mechanical power. LWE installed a 250-kilowatt 277/480-volt generator with automatic transfer switching, ran raceways for phone/data and security systems, and connected battery charging stations. LWE also installed the backbone grid from Rocky Mountain Power's BDO substation to the facility.

Janicki Industries

Janicki Industries' new 101,000 square-foot facility in Layton, Utah near Hill Air Force Base allows them to provide specialized services for very large-scale, high-precision composite projects.

LWE installed (2) 2,000-amp electrical services, facility lighting, fire alarm systems, and communication & security raceways throughout the building. LWE completed a 26,000 square-foot office area and wired and connected all lighting and convenience outlets. LWE installed high-voltage infra-structure and connected a 250KW generator system along with lighting control and mill control systems for Janicki’s specialized milling equipment.

LWE has also completed work for additional mills required for classified milling and production within the building. LWE ran the power and all of the electrical control wiring for the classified mills inside of the facility. We have been entrusted to perform electrical when government requires strict confidentiality and safe-guarding of classified information.

Dick's Sporting Goods - Layton Hills Mall

Dick's Sporting Goods built a 48,000 square foot single floor store in the Layton Hills Mall during 2011. LWE provided all electrical systems for this high-end retail space. Also included in this project was the redevelopment of the Mervyn's store that previously occupied the space. The store was originally two stories and all electrical systems had to be split between the floors.

The space included highbay lighting, an extensive track lighting system, point of sale systems, security systems, fire alarm, and a fully integrated Building Management System. LWE installed full lineups of "Integrated switchgear" that include panels, transformers, and controls in single units.

Utah Orthopaedics

Utah Orthopaedics is one of the top musculoskeletal care facilities in the state of Utah. LWE completed the electrical on their new facility in 2010. This facility is one of the only LEED Platinum award recipients in the state. The energy efficiency designed into this building is simply unparalelled. Throughout the construction phase of the project, LWE was a crucial member of the team that made this award possible.

The project consisted of a fully funtioning Medical Office Building and Rehab center. The finishes in this building are extremely high-end. The electrical service was a 1200A system. Also included in the project were, an X-Ray system, Fire Alarm Systems and extensive lighting controls.

Digis Towers

Digis Internet Service recently upgraded their systems in the area as part of their Net 3.0 Upgrade. LWE provide all of the tower climbing and electrical service for all upgraded towers in the area. The work involved in these projects varied from mounting equipment on existing towers to the full construction of 100' monopoles and 60' Rohn towers.

LWE upgraded all electrical services to the towers and mounted equpment such as: Microwave dishes, antennaes, and power supplies. We also designed and constructed more than 5 Sites that are Solar powered with generator backup.

Lofthouse Foods

Lofthouse foods has hired LWE to provide the electrical work for many of their expansion projects. Our first job with them was a 120,000 square foot freezer adjoining their existing building. This freezer included an ammonia refridgerant system and extensive control work.

Since then, we have worked on many projects within their facility including an Waffle line, a spiral pack-out conveyor line, Flour and Sugar Silo systems, and multiple lighting upgrades. We also continue to provide service work for their needs within the facility.